About Small Business Programs

“Programs for Small Businesses” is an intiative with a series of different programs each with specific agenda and purpose to fulfill our goal- helping small businesses overcome obstacles and GROW!

We, a group of contributing professionals, with different line of business expertise understand the challenges and the obstacles small businesses and entrepreneurs face; at the same time we believe in the importance of local small businesses to communities and value the benefits they provide to the economic growth.

Thus, our will to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, lead us to develop these programs that serve in different fields from marketing to sales, business development, technology, and much more!

We can help you improve your existing business and even start a new one!

All of our programs are at NO cost to YOU; thanks to our sponsors. We only ask for your commitment and dedication to help us help you make of your business a success story with our services, modes of communication, and our commitment as well!

Featured Program

Marketing and Business Development Program

This program is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs in an effort to help with their marketing, sales, business development and technical services at NO COST TO THEM. Let's work hand-in-hand to give your business the success it deserves.