Program Sponsors


Who are Sponsors?

Sponsors are organizations that provide knowledge and expertise in a business domain to small businesses. They are interested in promoting their services and business to customers within the program boundaries.

A program sponsor can contribute by direct funds or by providing professional resources to the delivery team. Our sponsors are mainly professional organizations and service providers that have agreed to fund our activities at a discounted rate.

Why Become a Sponsor? / What’s in it for the Sponsors?

As we engage a program beneficiary, we introduce our sponsors, promote their services and provide them exposure and brand visibility while at the same token, when the beneficiaries needs and sponsor’s services cross paths, we bridge the relationship for further business undertaking. 
It's a Win-Win situation for both the beneficiaries and the sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor?

To become a sponsor please fill this online form. One of our program coordinators will be in touch with you directly to confirm and review the sponsorship application and explain the sponsorship program in details.
Stay Tuned!

There is a minimum commitment to fund the program required from our sponsors; below are the different sponsorship packages for the sponsorship.

Note: The packages can be a combination of monetary amounts and professional services contribution to be discussed in direct .

Platinum Package
  • Co-Promoting branded by sponsors
  • Benefeciary sponsoring choice and consulting
  • Extensive ad visibility on the program side bar
  • Platinum spot at our home page
  • Logo and tagline introduced in programs promo video
  • Dedicated program coordinator
Gold Package
  • Co-promoting with your brand
  • Program Side bar ad visibility
  • Golden spot on our home page
  • Proud sponsor branded video
Silver Package
  • Program limited side bar ads
  • Silver spot on our home page
  • Proud sponsor branded video
For all packages, we provide transparency and clear visibility into funds allocation, feed backs from beneficiaries and coordination of any potential services or business.

How Will Your Contribution be Used?

100% of your contribution will go to benefit the program beneficiaries.

About 20% of the funds will be used for program management and project coordination, co-promotions and administration - this includes promoting posts on social media and time spent to discuss how your services can be of benefit for program beneficiaries - and, reporting on your sponsorship account.

80% of your contribution will be used towards professional services directly provided to the program beneficiaries.