Program Contributors

Who are Contributors?

As a contributor, you will be a part of the team and we will work together to plan and execute resolutions for small businesses to help them thrive. You will have the opportunity to contribute based on your expertise.

What’s in it for the Contributors?

Being a contributor is engaging within a team to plan and execute the resolutions that help business owners face their challenges and succeed. You will help based on your expertise in the program you choose.

This will open up opportunities for you and allow other professionals to get to know your skills and the work you provide.

Working with other professionals and being exposed to different kinds of business will enrich your experience and build up your network.

Who can be a Contributor/ What are the services we need?

We are looking for the following professional service providers to join us.
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Web Development
  • Sales and Business Development Expertise
  • Social Media
  • Content Management

How to Become a Contributor?

Just fill the online form on the side of this page and include as much information as possible. Program Coordinator will get in touch with you to review your application.